Update on my recovery: The swelling in my shoulder has gone down and the stiches have been removed. My energy levels have returned since ceasing all use of pain medications last week. I am feeling stronger everyday, though I am without full feeling in my hand and forearm due to what doctors are describing as a normal outcome of the nerve block received pre-op. I am told that this feeling should dissipate over time as my nerves "wake up." Range of motion...I still have yet to put myself into shoulder flexion or any abduction or external rotation. First day of physical therapy is later today (Wednesday, March 14th)

WEEK 1 was all about acceptance and staying vulnerable. We have established and accepted that things are in fact not the same as they used to be and its going to take a while to get them there. Keep staying vulnerable to those around you who are offering love and support.

WEEK 2 - Let's keep the forward momentum...

1. Celebrate the small successes. Recovery is a rebuild process and we should be focused on progress, not perfection. The day after surgery, I was not capable of holding the foam clown nose stress ball in my hand. One day later, I could hold it in my hand and slowly but surely I have been able to squeeze it. In addition to that, I can actually tie my shoes on my own now and though its a rough looking side ponytail, I am able to manipulate a hair tie enough to get it out of my face.

Progress, not perfection.

It's those little steps in healing that feel good. If you have not yes done so, I highly recommend journaling what is going on for you throughout your recovery so that you can track your progress moving forward.

2. Give yourself permission to take extra time to get around. If it used to take you 30 minutes to get ready to go somewhere, expect it to take an hour...If your grocery store trip was a quick in and out...for the next couple of weeks can take a little bit longer. Plan for it, prioritize what HAS to be taken care of and give yourself permission to do this so that you can relax instead of feeling rushed and overwhelmed. Stress will not aid in proper recovery.

That's it, WEEK 2, check. Until next week... Relax, stay positive and cheers to recovery. 

Note from the future: I am coming back to say that the above is true. STAY POSITIVE. I am in through week 4 and though it is a slow process... you will absolutely feel more and more like the old you. JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD.