Physical therapy is underway now, twice a week. I am “on track.” Small movements are becoming normal again and the talk of trying to increase my end range of motion within the next few weeks has been building hopes that I’ll be back in no time.

week 3.jpg

Which brings me to this weeks 2 points of focus...

1. Pulls the reigns and stick to the plan.

It’s ridiculously hard. I don’t like the thought of it and I’m sure you are or will feel the same way.  We would LOVE for our bodies to heal and to be able to move the way we were just a few months ago.

There are days in which I physically feel capable to training the way I have in the past. The truth is though, my shoulder just isn’t ready. The focus right now is on recruiting connective tissues and stabilizing the foundation. This must happen before the transition into building strength. It will happen, but for now the process, calm the monkey mind and PULL THE REIGNS.

2. Set some milestone goals to help with the above☝️

Remember the journal mentioned in week 2? If you have yet to grab one, l encourage doing so. Let’s create a few goals to help stay focused and on track with the recovery. Ask your doctor or PT for some ideas on when certain activities are appropriate through your recovery and jot down some subjects that you may want to learn more about. These things can help to calm your mind when you start wanting to move to quickly.

I was given a 8 month timeline to FULLY recover. My milestones are to celebrate my physical advancement as well as further my knowledge.

  • April 5- I’ll be filming with Mobility WOD in San Francisco
  • May 12th - will be my first return to  5k/yoga/meditation triathlon in Chicago
  • June 21 - I’ll be attending a Mobility WOD coaching workshop (highly recommend)
  • July and August are TBD
  • September - Seattle Spartan Race (coming back baby!)

There we go, three weeks down.

Until next week...keep it positive. It's time to start working towards those goals.