Time is FLYING, huh?!

It didn't seem like it was going to a few weeks ago. At least I know that was the case for me. I felt like I went face first into a wall and the world stopped. GOOD NEWS...I didn't...the world is still spinning as it does and time continues to fly.  :)

Physical therapy has now hit phase 2. Current range of motion is being challenged and things are starting to move. I was given the go ahead to incorporate resistance bands into my homework and added internal and external rotation back into the mix. (Prior to surgery, external rotation was the motion that caused my humeral head to jump off track.)

HOW ARE YOU FEELING? Hopefully you've been able to stay vulnerable to help, pull the reigns a bit and keep a positive outlook on this recovery being a long process. Remember week one? You're far stronger now than you were then. We have all recognized that life with injury is not the same as life without injury and THAT'S OK, right? 

Progress is happening and it's a good time to make sure you're supporting that progress...

1. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: fuel your recovery.

What can we do to make sure we are providing the best support system from the inside out? 

I reached out to colleague of mine at the Burr Ridge, Illinois LifeTime Fitness to get some advice on my nutrition. I asked her what I can be incorporating into my diet that will support me during recovery and as I get back into an exercise program. (I all ready eat pretty clean...minus the occasional red velvet cupcake) She had these suggestions...

  • Get rid of vegetable oil's!
  • Add high-quality fats particularly omega 3s; grass fed butter, coconut oil/MCT oil.
  • Collagen powder and/or bone broth + Vit C for connective tissue repair.
  • Adaptagenic herbs: Ashwaganda and Rhodiola for cortisol/stress support and balance.
  • Tumeric/Curcumin for inflammation and brain support.
  • High quality proteins/amino's for building blocks and repair.

NOTE: I am not a nutritionist, or a dietitian and in no way am telling you what to do. I do however believe that knowledge is power...and if there is something out there that is going to get me back to where I was before then it's absolutely worth taking a look at...and if it can help me...then it might be able to help you...and if that happen's...then we are golden... so take what you will of the above information. :) 

2.  Look at physical therapy is an incredible OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN...

When is the last time you were able to spend this much time around someone (AKA your physical therapist) who has educated themselves in what you are experiencing right now? 

LEARN from them! Soak it in and then put it to use!

Training the body works in phases. First is promoting motor recruitment and stabilization. Once that is established and all of the muscle fibers and connective tissues have joined in on the party (nerdy, I know) then we move into exercises that promote adaptation and strength gains while still focusing on increasing an idealistic range of motion at the particular joint. It then progresses to performance and power if that's a desire.

We are facing the same type of progression in physical therapy. Your PT has you creating movement first, right? Limiting what you can do regarding a larger range of motion or working with any type of weight bearing circumstance? It's wonderful! We get to build a solid foundation, right!? Phase two, we have moved into resistance work to further recruit fibers/connective tissues. In phase 3 , I expect that we will be incorporating strength building exercises into our program.

The point it...right now, you have the opportunity to build a better understanding of the way your body (with injury or not) should progress. Ask questions, take notes and learn how to apply this outside of therapy.

Needs some ideas for creating stabilization? Yoga, Pilates, swimming or any other activities promoting motor recruitment (balance work, isometric holds) are always great options!

That's all I've got! Until next week... ONE MONTH DOWN

Wishing you the best with your recovery! Sarah <3