I've held off in posting weekly for weeks 5-8 so that you, at week 5 can have a positive outlook on what the future looks like. My personal progress is at the but is honestly less important than the message here...


If you have experienced a whirlwind of emotions since surgery...you and I have something in common. Nothing about this has been easy. I've had days where staying in bed sounded much more appealing than trying to be active with constant pain. Days that I was completely incapable of performing simple hygiene routines such as washing my hair. Where I simply said, f this, poor me...blah blah blah. It took multiple periods of reflection. What I mean by reflection is spending a lengthy period of time in silence with no distractions. Doing this allowed me to recognize the presence of negativity and then shut down whatever nonsense psychobabble that was accumulating in my mind...

Why is this important? because...EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I came to the same conclusion. NONE of the negative chatter was healing me and getting me to where I wanted to be. NONE OF IT. We are human. We come fully equipped with emotions that can be triggered by something such as this. Let those emotions be present, then kick them to the curb and get back to be the awesome you that you are. We have the ability to create positive momentum. We just have to choose it. 

Right from the start, you became ok with not being ok. You've allowed vulnerability to be a part of your life and accepted love from those around you to support your recovery. You've set some short term and long term goals for yourself. (If you have yet to do this, do it now) You've learned a little from your therapist and probably cried a little to those who are close to you. BUT...

You've taken the steps to rebuild. Celebrate it. 

PERSPECTIVE: Can you agree that progressively, things have gotten easier? This will continue. As for me...

Over the past few weeks, I have seen massive improvements in both my physical capabilities and my long term outlook.

WEEK 5- I was allowed to spend majority of my time without a sling on. It was a breathe of fresh air, no longer being confined to limited movement. It was also challenging in that I forgot that I wasn't fully healed and would move faster than I should have. This brought me back to feeling weaker than I was in the past. I'd just tell my self to "KNOCK IT OFF, Sarah...you're healing and you're stronger than yesterday." 

WEEK 6- Things are getting exciting! PT exercises included small weights, body weight exercises and testing the end range in mobility. 2lb dumbells never felt so good!  

WEEK 7- BOOM! Keep celebrating those small successes! There has been a 20 degree increase in both shoulder flexion and scaption! annnnnd some of my normal activities, though less intense are now part of my daily routine again. 

WEEK 8- Back in week 3, I set my short term and long term goals. My first fitness goal, the Wanderlust 5K, yoga and meditation triathlon is approaching quickly! I am stoked to know that because of the work I've put in over the past 8 weeks, I will be participating in the event! HUGE!

Thank you for allowing me to share this past 8 weeks with you. If you know someone who is or plans to go through recovery, please share this with them. My hope is that they can take away at least one piece of this and that it helps get them back to their norm as quickly as possible.

Have a dream?

Dig Deep. Find YOUR Fire & GET. IT. DONE


Sarah Pozdol