Enhance your performance

Sarah in an expert in movement evaluation. By using the P2 Method of movement coaching, Sarah has developed a standard to having clients build autonomous habits, creating effective movement and increasing efficiency that translates to a better quality of life for those she works with.


  • Monthly programming- $110/month

  • Movement coaching (4 weeks)-$369

    • Through the P2 Method of movement coaching, participants will be taught how to properly perform the foundational movements of strength training. Movements covered: Deadlift, back squat, front squat, overhead squat, strict (military) press, push press.

  • Obstacle Course Race Training-

    • To learn more about these programs visit

      • Couch2Course- (8 weeks) for the BEGINNER looking to participate in a future obstacle course race. Join the over 1,200 people who have made it from Couch 2 Course! Program includes required equipment. $189-$269

      • Cruise The Course- Monthly programming-$69/month - Participants will receive a copy of Cruise The Course “Find your Fire” and a programming template to follow.



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