Set backs are inevitable and come in countless forms. One that many of us are familiar with is physical injury. They take us out of our element and force us to adapt. They also knock us back and make us feel less capable of things that in the past seemed simple.

My name is Sarah Pozdol. I am a mother, coach, author and athlete who until mid-February, had full use of my body. On February 27th, 2018 I had surgery to repair the labrum of my left shoulder...

After returning home it didn't take long to realize that I had been taking simple things for granted. Simple things such as putting my hair up in a ponytail and putting on my shoes.

My decision to blog about this recovery is in hopes that others in my position can look at this as an opportunity to slow down, reflect and rebuild. So here we go... 2 simple things, every week that can help to get us through recovery with a positive outlook...  

1. Be OK with NOT BEING OK.

If you want to waste time, nerves and energy, start complaining about everything you can no longer do. Feel bad for yourself. Take extra time to complain to everyone who will listen. Those thoughts crept into my head within the first 24 hours of recovery and it sucked. The point of getting the surgery wasn't to have life suck though. It was to fix a problem.

That's when I had to throw away the poor me card. Let's instead reflect and not on where we are but where we want to be. 


Reality is reality. Both you and I are NOT OK right now. Everything is different. We will have to adapt the way we look at things and approach tasks. The quicker we realize this, the faster we  will transform negative energy into positive momentum. 

2. Be more VULNERABLE than you've ever been.

If you haven't noticed the number of people in your life that are here to love and support you, open your eyes...because they are here right now if you will let yourself see them. "I've got this!...yeah...sure you do. I don't. Heck, my two children tag teamed making bunny ears with my shoe laces this morning. Yesterday my co-worker tied my hair up for me and over this past weekend for the first time, I allowed myself to be cared for 100% (Thank you, Tommy. My love, you are an incredible human being.)

ACCEPT LOVE. It is going to be a huge during recovery.

Until next day at a time...YOU'VE GOT THIS

Week 1